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Dental Posters
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1. Dental Chair

Choice of the chair depends on the budget. A wide range of chairs are available in the market like Fully automatic , Semi automatic or Non electronic .Prices will vary from 50,000 s to 5,00.000 rs.. Best place is a conference trade exhibition as one can compare the price, deal as well as check out the actual size. Important to check the inlet-outlet points, spittoon size & position.

In chair we have to see for number of airotor points, You can have inbuilt LC and Scaler or a separate units, Micromotor handpiece, What kind of suction motorized or pneumatic suction

Depending on the budget choose the chair with good quality smooth functioning of the air-rotor, air motor etc is far more important than the comfort of the chair. Electrical chair is a better option with facility to have additional points, attachments in future.

Doctor stool’s comfort & height is another important point. Some stools cannot be raised higher & could cause a problem due to the awkward arm/elbow position especially since we nowadays tend to work for a longer period at a time.

Note - While selecting the chair make sure you will have the nearest dealer from your place so that for service and other repairs it is easy to call off.

2. Compressor

1 HP Compressor is advisable for a single chair (though motorized suction is a better option in the long run)

Plug point to be next to the compressor but the switch should be on the chair side panel.

Compressor tubes to be underground

3. Ultra Sonic Scalier / Peizo scaler

They are available in a range from 8,000 rs to 30,000 rs

4. X-Ray machine/ RVG

While buying the X-ray, If you have a plan of buying RVG in future, go for the imported x-rays which are good for RVG. Choose the best from the market don’t go for the local made that will have more of radiation .

5. Curing Light

6. Sterilization


Hot air owen

Ultra Sound Cleaner

UV chamber

7. Digital camera

This can be used to take photos of pre and post operative pictures.

8. Intra oral camera

This is the best thing to show the patient’s problem to them.A variety of intra oral cameras are available in the market.

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