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Dental Posters

Dental Posters
Dental Posters
Dental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental PostersDental Posters

Material List

Material list


Face Mask  3 Layer : Tie Type 50/Pk 160 to 190 rs
Face Mask 3 Layer : Elastic Type 50/Pk 160 to 190 rs
Gloves Latex Size: XS,S,M,L 100/Pk 160 to 190 rs
Gloves Mint Green 100/box 220 to 240 rs
Gloves Vinyl Powder Free Size: XS,S,M,L,XL 100/Pk 250 to 270 rs
Gloves Assistants safety SIZE M/L 1Pc 40 to 50 rs
Top Towels 500/Pk 1700 to 1800 rs
Dispo Drape 25/Pk 210 to 230 rs
Chair Cover 1pcs 15 rs
Surgeons Cap G/B 50/Pk 175 rs
Buffant Cap G/B 50/Pk 175 rs
Saliva Ejector Transparent 100/Pk 160 to 180 rs
Cotton Rolls Braided 1 roll 400 to 450 rs

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Protective eye wear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes

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Dental Forceps Imported (Set of 9 pcs) 1set 5700 to 6000 rs
Dental Forceps Indian special (Set of 9 pcs) 1set 4300 to 5000 rs
Dental Forceps PEDO Set of (Set of 4 pcs) 1set 2000 to 2500 rs
Straight Elevator 1 330 to 400 rs
Cryers Elevator 1Pair 700 to 850 rs
Bone Chistle 1pcs 180 to 200 rs
Bone Curettes 1pcs 180 to 200 rs
Bone Ronguers 1pcs 500 to 650 rs
Mallet 1pcs 100 rs
Artery Forceps 1pcs 145 rs
Suture Thread 1pcs 275 rs
Tissue Forceps (Normal) 1pcs 25 rs
Tissue Holding Forceps (Imported) 1pcs 180 to 200 rs
Coupland elevator 1 roll 350 to 400 rs
Warwicks James elevator Right/left 1pair 700 to 800 rs
Needle Holder 1 pcs 150 to 180 rs
Scissors Straight 1 pcs 25 rs
Scissors Curved 1 pcs 25 rs
BP handle SS 1 pcs 20 rs
BP Blades # 11/12/15 1Box 300 rs
Suture Needle 6pcs 17/18/19 sizes 1Pkt 20 rs
Suture thread 3/0 silk
Bone graft material Bio graft 1 700 to 800 rs
Endo Organizer (10"x8"x2") 1 Pc
Endo Box (Ccan Hold Upto 44 Instruments) 1 Pc
Sterilization Tray (for Autoclaving Instruments) 1 Pc

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Plaster Knife
Plaster Spatula - Straight / Curved
Light Body spatulla
Rubber Bowl big 50 rs
Delta Spatulla 1 35 rs
Rubber Bowl small 35 rs
Burs Crown Cutting Each Bur 60 rs
Retraction Cord
Retraction Cord Packer
Wax Knife special
Wax Spatula
Crown Remover Spl 2000 to 2500 rs
Dentulous Rim Lock Tray set of 8 1 set 1600 rs
Edentulous Tray set of 8 1set 1600 to 1800 rs
Impression Tray Perforated Dentulous Each pair 60 rs
Impression Tray Perforated Edentulous Each Pair 60 rs
Imp. Tray Dispodent Autoclavable Set of 7 1Box 296
Cold Cure Powder & Liquid
Adams Plier
Wire Cutter 1Pkt
Ligature Wire 26G
Universal Pliers
SS Wire #1.0-19
SS Wire #0.8-21
SS Wire #0.6-23
Alginate Impression Materials
DPI Impression Paste
Pinnacle tracing sticks
Wax sheet
Virtual Tray Adhesive - Vivadent
Virtual Light Body
Virtual Dispensor
Virtual Heavy Body
Virtual Bite Registration
Virtual Monophase
Vitual Extra Light Body
Plaster of Paris
Dental Stone kalabhai
Die Stone Ultrarock
Ortho cal
Articulation plaster
Occlusion Spray
Articulating paper holder
Sili Base for Die Pins
Model Base Former U/L Pair
Base Former - Short Pins
Living Mould Guide Ivostar/Gnathostar AD
SR Ivocron Trial Kit Cold

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Light cure unit    
Piezo Scaler    
Auto Clave    
Spot Welder    
Micro Motor    
Contra angle Micro Motor Hand piece    
Straight Micro Motor Hand piece    
Airotor Std. Head    

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Crown & Bridge preperation kit    
Cavity preperation kit    
Composite polishing kit    
prophylaxis bur 1  
Bristle brushes (6pcs) 1set  
Crown Cutter metal cutting bur 1  
Adheive Remover ortho debonding BUR 1  
Filling Remover bur 1  
Tissue Trimmer Bur ceramic 1 3900 to 4500 rs
Ceramic Adjustment bur kit 1 4800 to 5000 rs
Acrylic Denture Adjustment kit 1 2200 to 2400 rs
Metal Finishing kit 1 2800 to 3000 rs

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Mouth Mirror with handle    
Disposable mouth mirror    
Straight probe    
Lip Retractor    
Cheek Retractor    
Cheek Retractor PEDO    
Tongue Away for ortho treatment    
Posterior Bite Block for preparation    
Anterior Bite Block for composite    
Rubber dam    

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Hand Instruments 14 pcs 1set  
Dappen glass   15rs
Glass Slab   25rs
Cement Spatulla   45rs
K Files # 15 - 40, 45 - 80    
K Files # 6    
K Files # 8    
K Reamers # 15 - 40, 45 - 80    
Barbed Broaches Assorted    
Cement Spatula   10rs;
Matrix Retainer No. 1    
Matrix Retainer No. 8    
Matrix Strip Celluloid    
Matrix Band # 1 Stainless Steel    
Matrix Band # 8 Stainless Steel    
Articulating Paper - Indian    
Enamel Hoe    
Enamel Hatchet    
Tofflemire Band    
Tofflemire Retainer    
H Files # 15 - 40, 45 - 80    
H Files # 6    
H Files # 8    
NITI Files Assorted    
Spreaders, Pluggers    
Agate Spatula    
Polycarboxylate Cement    
Zinc Oxide Power    

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Amalgam carrier 1set  
Silver alloy 30gms   15rs
Mercury 30 gms   25rs
Mortar & pestle   45rs
Pits & fissure sealant    
Total Etch etching gel    
GC FUJI type IX gp    
GC FUJI TYPE II regular    
Temporary filling material    
RC Seal (Epoxy Bonded Sealant)   10rs;
RC Cal Root Canal Calcium Hydroxide    
RC Help (Zinc Oxide Eugenol with lodoform)    
G.P. Condenser    
GP Points Individual    
GP Points #15-40, 45-80 (120 Pts)    
Caustinert Forte    
Paper Points    
Blow Torch    
Cavity Varnish 12ml    
Carborandum Discs 100Pcs    
Sodium Hypochlorite 5%    

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X Ray Film    
X Ray Developer    
Xray film pedo    
Xray fixer    
Xray clip    
Xray film folder    

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Self Sealing Sterilazation Pouch 1 box 1400 aprox
Sterilization Pouch Roll 50mm 200 m 1 Pc* 1400
Sterilization Pouch Roll 75mm 200 m 1 roll 1600
Sterilization Pouch Roll 100mm 200 m 1 roll 2000
Sterilization Pouch Roll 150mm 200 m 1 roll 2700
Sterilization Pouch Dispenser 50 & 75mm & 100mm 1 Pc 1300
Sterilization Pouch Dispenser 150mm 1 Pc 1500
Sealing Machine   2200

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DentoViractis 35 Hand Wash 1 litre 1
DentoViractis 53 Instrument 1litre 1
Dentoviractis 77 Equipment Cleaner 1 litre spray 1
Dento Viractis 59 Ultrasonic bath solution -pre intru clean 1 litre 1
Dento Viractis 99 Chair spittoon /suction unit 1 litre 1

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