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Start your clinic work

Start your clinic work

First when you thought of doing interiors for your clinic. Plan your needs since in Dental practice we have lots of materials to keep.Do not compromise on the quality and number of electrical points, cables etc. If one is likely to have 2 chairs in the near future, better to have plumbing & electrical arrangements made right at the beginning.

Now that the planning process is over and you are completely aware of how the clinic is going to look like when it shapes up, it’s time to commit and turn your dream into a reality.

While doing the interior work give adequate space for Dental chair and Dental materials.

While making design for your clinic – the most important things is position of each equipment for ease of use.( light cure, scaler , x-ray, computer , air motor)

Dental Chair

Position The chair size will vary from 3x6 feet to 3.5 x 7 feet and a woking area for 2 feet around the chair should be given. Ideal to have working platform behind the headrest as it allows for easy access to the instrument trays as well as space for other equipment used regularly like the Curing Light, Scaler, Apex Locater, Air motor etc.


Drainage line has to be underground & planned well with proper slope, ease of cleaning etc as clogging is one of the most common problems.

Helper / Assistant

A helper / assistant is required with some basic knowledge of English. One has to spend time to train him / her.

ReceptionistA receptionist, as practice grows, to give appointments, maintain accounts, records etc.

Record Keeping & Accounts

A Personal Computer is mandatory with Dental Insurance likely to set in. Record keeping will be extremely important. If it’s out of budget, provision (space, electrical points etc should be made to have it installed in a year or 2).

Dental Softwares are available in the market. With the dental insurance plans entering the Indian dental scenario, it is going to be extremely important to maintain all patient records. Dental software is necessary for records & also as a patient education tool. Most of these programmes also have an integrated finance / accounts management programme. Spend some time & research before buying.

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